For graduate study, the Institute has developed a curriculum providing students with a broad base to build a Maritime and Information Technology in advance.

To obtain a M.S.M.I.T. degree, a student has to complete a minimum of 30 credits. In addition to 7 requires credits, 6 master thesis credits, according to his/her own interest and career goal, student also has to complete at least 17 credits of elective courses.

Course for Master Program in Institute of Maritime Information and Technology in NKMU

Compulsory Courses
Course Name Credit Year(Y) and Semester(S)
Application of Maritime Information 3(3) Y1S1
Statistical Research Method 3(3) Y1S1
Seminar 1(2) Y1S2
Thesis (1) 3(3)


Thesis (2) 3(3) Y2S2
Elective Courses
Course Name Credit Year(Y) and Semester(S)
Human Machine Interface of Ship with Applications 3(3) Y1S1
Advanced Artificial Intelligence 3(3) Y1S1
Optimal Decision Algorithm and Maritime Applications 3(3) Y1S1
Scientific Paper Writing 3(3) Y1S1
Computer Language in Scientific Computing 3(3) Y1S1
Advanced Fluid Mechanics 3(3) Y1S1
Advanced Engineering Mathematics 3(3) Y1S1
Advanced Computer Programming 3(3) Y1S1
Simulation of Ship Motion 3(3) Y1S1
Computer Animation and Software Engineering 3(3) Y1S1
Marine Meteorology 3(3) Y1S1
Scientific Simulation software with Application and Analysis

3(3) Y1S1
Virtual Reality 3(3) Y1S1
Multimedia Program and Internet 3(3) Y1S2
Machine Vision and Marine Observation 3(3) Y1S2
Maritime Geographic Information System 3(3) Y1S2
Shipping Practice and Global Logistics

3(3) Y1S2
Water Wave Mechanics 3(3) Y1S2
Maritime Data Analysis 3(3) Y1S2
Advanced Visual Studio Programming 3(3) Y1S2
Object-oriented Programming 3(3) Y1S2
Scientific Computing Software in Marine 3(3) Y1S2
Global Warming and Environmental Change 3(3) Y1S2
Maritime Mobile Communications 3(3) Y1S2
Advanced Engineering Simulation and Predication 3(3) Y1S2
Cloud Computing and Mobile Application 3(3) Y1S2

The master degree requires completing a minimum of 30 graduate credits, comprising 7 compulsory units, 17elective units, and 6 thesis units.