The Department of Maritime Information and Technology (DMIT) was established in 2006. It was initially found as Institute of Navigation Science and Technology, which only included graduate program major in navigational technology. As the information technology blooms, the institute extends its research domains into the software engineering and development. The institute was renamed as Institute of Maritime Information and technology in 2010 to emphasize the application of information technology in the maritime affairs. As teaching and research activities increased, the institute further enlarged teaching into the undergraduate program and was recently renamed as DMIT in 2013. The DMIT currently comprises undergraduate (Bachelor of Engineering) , graduate (Master of Science) and EMBA programs.

The graduate program focuses on the application of information technology over the areas of maritime and navigational industries. Its research activities contain simulations of ship-wave interactions, global maritime data analysis, software development for navigational simulator, wave dynamics, marine meteorology, oceanic engineering, automated control, and underwater robot. The diverse research activities are executed in many state-of-art research laboratories equipped with advanced computers and research facilities. Most of the graduate students are supported by research grants under governmental and industrial projects. The master-degree students are able to find decent jobs in information industries, governmental section, shipping companies, and research institutes.

The undergraduate program aims at training three sub-majors: marine science, information software engineering, and digit-content application. With these combinations of majors, students are equipped with the capability of applying information technology in the fields of marine sciences and maritime affairs. After graduation, the bachelor-degree students are expected to pursue their professions in information-system managements, software programming, multi-media application, and research and development centers.

For further information of the DMIT, please contact us by phone 886-7-810-0888 ext 25302.